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The library has more than 80,000 units whose wealth provides great opportunities for scientific research.
 Special units are legates: Arsa and Vojko Milatovic, academics Zarije Besic, academics Jevta Novak and BA.
John and Helen Vukmanović Alekse Jovićević as Legate, Legate Arsa and Vojko Milatovic seems chosen collections of the most important and oldest publication.
In addition to some religious manuscripts from the sixteenth century, and often contains books from printing and Vicenza Bozidar Vukovic (Minej Winter - 1538th g., Triod posni - 1561st g., Služabnik - 1554th, harp with posledovanjem - 1561st g., Psalms - 1519th g., Prayer - 1538-1540. g.).
The most interesting and most valuable edition of the Psalms from the 1519th was preserved with a foreword. According to experts this is the only surviving example of the former Yugoslavia.
It should be pointed out and TRUBARJEVA articulate the Glagolitic script from 1562 (in the world there are only 19 copies.) Important place belongs to the incunabula in foreign languages from the XV v. 46 Map Collection contains cartographic publications. In 3 of the XVII v, 22 from XVIII, 14 from the XIX and XX 4 from v.
 The most important piece in this collection highlight Atlas Geographicus Tobias Conrad Lotter.
A collection of periodicals consisted of 117 journal titles, newspapers, calendars and other periodicals (our and foreign periodicals). Library fund shall be processed using a computer, according to internationally accepted standards, since 2005. It is the bus system COBISS. Published CANU exchanged with various scientific institutions in the country and abroad.
 Archive CANU has important material for historical research on Montenegro. It is divided into four funds: the Personal Fund Jevta Novak, Structure of the Historical Archives in Dubrovnik, Petar Vukcevic Fund and the Fund-Dima Dimitri Vujovic.

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